Online Benefits Enrollment System

VISA, Inc. has developed a fully interactive flexible benefits enrollment system that employees can access over the Internet or through the employer’s own intranet. This advanced system streamlines the benefits selection process and eliminates administrative burdens. The system responds effortlessly to the changing requirements of any enrollment plan. It even prevents employees from making errors or selecting unauthorized options.

For situations in which some employees do not have access to the Internet, we extend the capability of our system with time-tested optically scanned forms. Selections made by employees through the internet, intranet or by optically scanned forms are captured together in a powerful database and are available to plan administrators.

Our benefits enrollment system is powerful, convenient and affordable.

For most companies, the cost per covered employee is a small fraction of paper or telephone based programs.

The system is available for access over the Internet and brings large company performance to firms with 50 to 5,000 employees, with optional capacity to handle benefits enrollment for up to 150,000 employees.


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